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The activity of a singer that sings opera is similar to that of an athlete.  Andrea Bocelli

Physiotherapy and Pilates for performers is a specialised area that involves prevention and treatment of voice related injuries.

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Vocal Physiotherapy Assessment Our Physiotherapist works in a multidisciplinary team in conjunction with ENT specialists, speech pathologists and vocal coaches. Vocal physiotherapy is for all voice users both professional and amateur. Most commonly, Vocal Physiotherapy is beneficial for people experiencing voice quality issues, increased effort and/or pain with vocalisation, tongue tension and throat pain of muscular cause. Professional voice users (anyone who uses their voice for work) including teachers, barristers, radio announcers, singers or musical theatre performers, often report a strained voice that may fatigue with the nature of their profession. Our treatment and assessment is individualised to reflect the individuality of voice production and the person's vocal demands and goals. At Bodycentric, we work to maintain the individual's laryngeal mobility and tissue health.

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