All our classes are led by a Physiotherapist. We believe that exercise should promote resistance to injury and not cause injury. Our class sizes are small and intimate to ensure quality, a personalised service, optimal attention and to emphasise efficient movement & biomechanics so you can achieve the most out of your session.


To begin your experience at Bodycentric, we recommend an Initial Assessment Consult with one of our Physiotherapists, to introduce you to the fundamentals and amazing benefits of our Physio led Clinical Pilates-informed Rehab, Strengthening and Conditioning Exercises. In the session, we will assess your body. We also utilise a Real Time Ultrasound machine to assess and retrain the activation of deep core muscles. We will then be able to cater a program tailored to your personal body assessment and evaluate your specific goals and needs with the best possible treatment.

An Initial Assessment is required prior to attending a Private 1:1 session or Semi-Private Class. Group Classes such as Reformer do not require a 1:1 Assessment first, however it is still recommended.

Please Note: If you are eligible to claim Private Health Benefits, an Initial Assessment Consult is required.



After having an Initial Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists, our private sessions ensure you receive absolute attention with a strong focus on proper movement biomechanics to progress more quickly, and maximise your time. Whether you are wanting to rehabilitate from an acute injury, treat chronic pain, or condition yourself for injury prevention,  we evaluate your goals and come up with the best treatment and management plan for you. Our standard Private sessions are 45 minutes in duration. However if you are limited for time, we also offer a 30 minute alternative.



With only small groups of 3-4 people, Semiprivate sessions at Bodycentric are a great way to lower the cost of Private sessions but still treat your impairments and work towards your individual specific goals with your own program.

Before attending Semiprivates, it is essential to have an Initial Assessment Consult, in order to gain the most out of your sessions.




The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy. Joseph Pilates

We are passionate about group classes at Bodycentric. Dedicated to creating a safe group class environment, we integrate the whole body in an intimate class setting of 4 clients and 45 minutes of dynamic flow, utilising your own body weight with spring assistance or resistance. We ensure you learn to execute the movements efficiently with focused attention on reviewing equipment set up. All classes both challenge and respect the body whilst maximising functional movement patterns to improve strength, flexibility, posture, mobility, balance, coordination, dynamic control, tone and enhance performance in other physical activities. Our Pilates Classes will assist you to move more functionally, supporting you to perform daily tasks much easier.

The classes include:

Reformer - Get ‘reformed’ like never before. We utilise the lovely Allegro 2 reformer- the most evolved version of Joseph Pilates' original invention. A fun and challenging spring-based resistance class.

In this small group environment, we maintain awareness of individual needs and conditions. Minor modifications of exercises are made to suit individuals of different levels. In these classes we embrace Joseph Pilates’ principles of ‘Flow’, which is often naturally neglected when you begin pilates or have an injury as there are many pauses during class. In an ideal world, we want to achieve flowing transitions and movements.

*Group Pilates Classes are non-claimable through your Private Health Insurance.

Prerequisite: You must have good general health and free from an acute injury. If you have an acute injury or passed your first trimester of pregnancy, we recommend Private or Semi-Private Sessions with an Initial Assessment prior.





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Price List



Initial Assessment
An Initial 1:1 Assessment is required before Private, Duet and Semi-Private classes to assess specific injuries, issues, impairments and goals and to be eligible for rebate through your Private Health Insurance.

$89.00 | 45 minutes
$85.00 | 30 minutes 



Single Session | $79.00 | 45 minutes

3 Sessions | $225.00 - $75 each class | save $12
5 Sessions | $372.00 - $74.40 each class | save $23
10 Sessions | $720.00 - $72 each class |  save $70
20 Sessions | $1,360.00 - $68 each class | save $220

Single Session | $65.00 | 30 minutes

3 Sessions | $185.00 - $61.67 each class | save $10
5 Sessions | $302.00 -  $60.40 each class | save $23
10 Sessions | $585.00 - $58.50 each class | save $65
20 Sessions | $1,105.00 - $55.25 each class | save $195
* Option for those who are limited for time.



Single Session | $55.00 | 45 minutes

3 Sessions | $157.00 - $52.33 each class | save $8
5 Sessions | $255.00 - $51 each class | save $20
10 Sessions | $495.00 - $49.50 each class |  save $55
20 Sessions | $930.00 - $46.50 each class | save $47

*Only 2 clients wanting the session as a private to themselves.




Maximum of 3-4 clients

Single Session | $40.00 | 45-60 minutes
5 Sessions | $186.00 - $37.20 each class | save $14
10 Sessions | $360.00 - $36 each class | save $40
20 Sessions | $680.00 - $34 each class | save $120




Maximum of 4 clients

Single Class | $30.00 | 45 minutes
5 Classes | $140.00 - $28 each class | save $10



* Initial Assessment is not required prior to group classes, unless you have an acute injury

*Group Pilates Classes are non-claimable through your PHI.