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Dancers are the athletes of God.  Albert Einstein

Physiotherapy and Pilates for performers is a specialised area that involves the prevention and treatment of dance and voice related injuries.


Bodycentric understands the requirements for dancers and singers. We are passionate about assisting and conditioning performing artists for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Our methods are closely aligned with those of the Medical Team of 'The Australian Ballet Company', 'The International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS)', 'Performance Medicine' in Melbourne as well as Lisa Howell, creator of 'The Ballet Blog' and 'Perfect Form Physiotherapy' in Sydney.

We offer:

  • Dance Assessment / Injury prevention screening These assessments are essential for any dancer regardless of age or level. We analyse your dance technique, assess and measure areas such as foot and core control, turnout and hip strength, posture and flexibility. We prescribe exercises according to our findings to prevent injury and enhance performance. * Will require an Initial Assessment 45 minutes.

  • Pre-Pointe Assessments Due to the variability in growth rates of girls in the 11 – 14 year age group (when most girls start en pointe) age cannot be depended on to determine readiness for pointe. In our Pre-Pointe Assessment, we evaluate if the dancer is ready for pointe work via the assessment of areas such as foot and ankle strength, flexibility, postural control and turnout range. This will establish whether it is safe to progress onto pointe. We prescribe exercises according to our findings, preventing injury and enhancing technique and performance. * Will require an Initial Assessment 45 minutes.

  • Dance Injury Treatment, Rehabilitation & Conditioning We treat, support and condition the body regarding all types of  dance related injuries and overuse issues. We utilise Real Time Ultrasound to assess and retrain muscles and prescribe exercises to prevent injury and enhance dance performance. * Will require an Initial Assessment 45 minutes.

  • Vocal Physiotherapy Assessment Our Physiotherapist works in a multidisciplinary team in conjunction with ENT specialists, speech pathologists and vocal coaches. Vocal physiotherapy is for all voice users both professional and amateur. Most commonly, Vocal Physiotherapy is beneficial for people experiencing voice quality issues, increased effort and/or pain with vocalisation, tongue tension and throat pain of muscular cause. Professional voice users (anyone who uses their voice for work) including teachers, barristers, radio announcers, singers or musical theatre performers, often report a strained voice that may fatigue with the nature of their profession. Our treatment and assessment is individualised to reflect the individuality of voice production and the person's vocal demands and goals. At Bodycentric, we work to maintain the individual's laryngeal mobility and tissue health. * Will require an Initial Assessment 45 minutes.

Bodycentric can assist you to become the best performer you can be! 

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