Remember that healing and recovery takes time and not everyone heals/recovers at the same rate. If at any time during your care, you do not feel that you are responding as well as expected, please discuss this with your Physiotherapist. We want you to get the most from your care at Bodycentric Physio & Pilates.


If undertaking a studio/equipment-based class you should not attempt to adjust or interfere with any of the equipment unless you have had prior instruction by our Physiotherapist to do so. During an exercise class if you experience any pain or dizziness you should stop what you are doing, inform us and consult your doctor. If you injure yourself in anyway during an exercise class you should immediately notify our Physiotherapist.

We all appreciate that Bodycentric is a small boutique studio and there are certain etiquette rules required to ensure sessions run safely, smoothly and respectfully.

2. We ask those clients who arrive for their sessions to please wait until you are invited into the studio to commence your session.  Enjoy a cup of tea and/or healthy treat in the waiting room until you are called in.  We understand that you are keen to get started but using the studio equipment without supervision is a liability.  Also, there may be a physio session in progress which may require use of the studio area and equipment at the end of the session. Similarly, please exit swiftly at the end of your session to allow the next session to start.  You may continue to reflect or catch up in the waiting areas being mindful that there may be another session or appointment taking place.

3. Please leave all personal belongings including jackets, shoes, bags etc in the lockers. Feel free to use as many lockers as you require. We have limited space in the waiting area and need your belongings to be secured safely in the lockers.  We cannot be liable for missing personal items.

4. If you need to change before or after your session, please use the toilets at the back of the studio and place your belongings in the lockers thereafter.    Changing in the treatment room is not recommended as there may be confidential information exposed or a patient’s belongings from their appointment prior to your session or an appointment may be scheduled straight after your session and it will need to run on time.  Only at certain times the physio may give you permission to change in the treatment room but please take your belongings and place them in the waiting area lockers immediately thereafter.  We cannot be liable for missing personal items.

5. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in exercise sessions and avoid wearing clothing with zippers that may damage the equipment. It is strict Clinic Policy that Grip Socks are to be worn during exercise sessions for the hygiene and safety of all clients.


Your physiotherapist will outline a recommended action plan as the best plan for your injury or impairment. You will achieve the maximum results when you keep your recommended action plan to this schedule. To receive the most out of your care, and to save time, we ask that you schedule your appointments in advance, where possible. For ease of booking appointments or classes download our bodycentric app. If you are having difficulty booking an appointment please email us or call us on 8227 1924.


Whilst we understand that unavoidable circumstances may arise, please aim to notify us if you need to cancel your appointment or class ASAP or at least 24 hours before (for a Monday session by 5pm Saturday). 24 hours notice will allow rescheduling to other clients in need. Failure to give 24 hours notice may require you to pay for your appointment or class. Payment is non-refundable and if charged or forfeited this fee is non-rebatable. Missed appointments will set you back in your treatment and recovery.


Our team can obtain your recent Radiology scan results. Please inform our receptionist if you have had any imaging completed for body areas relevant to your appointment.  


If a requirement and with your permission, our physiotherapist will contact your nominated Doctor to inform them of your progress. Your signature on the Patient Assessment Form indicates that you give permission to the therapist to exchange information with your Doctor, Allied Health Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Lawyers, and third party (insurance/Workcover) Case Managers and allow access to My Health Record when necessary.

This information will be confidential, please refer to for more details.


Physiotherapy treatment is an effective and safe form of treatment however like any treatment there are benefits and risks. Physiotherapists in this practice will discuss your condition and options for treatment with you so that you are appropriately informed and can make decisions relating to treatment. You may choose to consent or refuse any form of treatment for any reason including religious or personal grounds.

Typical physiotherapy carries a remote possibility of injury to structures such as but not limited to; nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, discs or arteries. Physiotherapy can occasionally cause local swelling, bruising or transient increases in pain or other symptoms. Allergic skin reactions to creams, tape, or needles are a possibility.

You will be asked to expose the injured body part for assessment and treatment. Please inform your physiotherapist if you feel uncomfortable at anytime, as alternative methods are available. Your physiotherapist may ask personal questions relating to your injury or issue and how it impacts on your activities of daily living. The more information you provide, the more likely it is that the physiotherapist can provide effective treatment. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular question please let the physiotherapist know. You have the right to a second opinion at anytime. Please contact your physiotherapist immediately if you experience adverse reactions. It is important to attend follow-up appointments as arranged by your physiotherapist to allow completion of your course of planned treatment.